Welcome to GeoWire!

GeoWire is an OpenSource web mapping tool that makes creating and sharing webmaps very easy.

Of course it's far from perfect or complete, but maybe it can serve as a starting point for one or another :) If anybody is interested in collaboration, please feel free to contact me: office@zwergo.net

Key features:

See the DEMO or watch this video:


ProcessWire is a great content management framework that puts all the other stuff together in the right place. It is EXTREMELY flexible and most of the benefits of GeoWire are actually benefits of ProcessWire itself :)

View the overview video and the demo installation and the Small Project Walkthrough (Planets) for a quick introduction to ProcessWire.

Actually GeoWire was my first project with ProcessWire so don't be afraid! It's really easy to learn if you are familiar with PHP and you'll have a really steep learning curve! And if you need help just ask in their forum, there is a great community behind it!

OpenLayers 2.13.1

OpenLayers is a JavaScript Library for web mapping applications. It does all the stuff that brings digital data on the right spot of the tiled maps...

View the docs or the examples


ExtJS by sencha manages all the user interface actions, buttons, layout, toggle features and so on...

View the docs or the examples

GeoExt, proj4js

GeoExt brings some geo-related functionalities to the UI of ExtJS like synchronising layers and their visibilities of the current map with the layer tree. proj4js is for transforming between projections that openlayers doesn't handle natively View the docs and examples of the new version 2, or maybe some of the docs of the old version 1 are also helpful: geoext.org